Agristurismo Fratelli Oddone - Bardinetto
Agriturismo Fratelli Oddone - Via Martino, 13 17057 Bardineto
Tel: 019-7907115 - Cellulare: 328-6423895 - Fax: 019-7907115

We are open all year round, lunchtime and dinnertime, reservation required

"Tell him or her “I love you…”: after a beautiful horse-ride in the snow, a romantic candlelit dinner, the two of you alone and a night by the warmth of the fireplace




Situated 20 km from both the sea and the mountains, a small untouched oasis: Bardineto, an enchanting spot at the foot of Mount Carmo (1393 m). In the ancient village, next to the ruins of the hexadicagonal castle (the only one of its kind) you will find the Agriturismo Fratelli Oddone, the perfect place for people who love relaxation, long walks, panoramic scenic trips by MTB and bathing in swimming pools. We organize, on demand/tailored unforgettable horse-rides and wedding services. .


Download the leaflet “ A day on the didactic farm”




Spiagge atrezzate a pochi km da noi!


Some videos and pictures of the activities around our agritourism!





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Agriturismo Fratelli Oddone - Via Martino, 13 - 17057 Bardineto SV - P.Iva: 01311030090

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